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Puede resultar sorprendente, pero lo cierto es que este es el primer blog que escribo en 2022. Casi desde principios de año, hemos vivido meses muy intensos en el grupo sanitario Ribera. A los retos del sector sanitario y los efectos de la pandemia del Covid, que aún ha estado muy presente este año en … Leer más

A new opportunity

We have been talking about this for many years. The post-COVID-19 reality means that it is now more necessary than ever to undergo reformations in the Health sector that will allow the system to be more flexible and provide it with the tools necessary to face health care crisis such as that we have just … Leer más

Let’s build from a place of unity

When we celebrated the start of a new decade a little over three months ago, no one could have imagined that the 21st-century’s first pandemic was knocking on the door. It was a moment when we all wished each other health and happiness for the coming year. Health, what a beautiful word. Today we’re fighting … Leer más

Generosity and a call to service: committed young people

All the professionals at Ribera Salud Group are doing their best during this crisis caused by the COVID19 global pandemic. We’re an organisation of people who serve people, and over these past few weeks our staff has proved that it always takes the extra step to ensure the best possible care for those who need … Leer más

The value of the local sphere

It’s been one week since the government announced a state of alarm, and citizens and organisations are still struggling to adapt to these exceptional circumstances. We are all writing a line in the Story of managing this global pandemic, the first of the 21st century. Every citizen plays their part in this situation: health professionals, … Leer más