Citizens lead the way


The number of people taking out health insurance has steadily increased over the last decade. Almost thirteen million citizens in Spain (12,802,665 to be exact) currently have it in our country, according to ICEA, the Spanish Insurance Sector’s Studies Service, responsible for carrying out research and publishing all of the statistics. The number of health … Leer más

For a sincere collaboration

We have been under a state of alarm for over a month in response to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, which has forced most of the population into lockdown and has ground practically the entire economy to a halt as a consequence. This decision, absolutely necessary to help curb this public health crisis, had to be … Leer más

Let’s build from a place of unity

When we celebrated the start of a new decade a little over three months ago, no one could have imagined that the 21st-century’s first pandemic was knocking on the door. It was a moment when we all wished each other health and happiness for the coming year. Health, what a beautiful word. Today we’re fighting … Leer más

The value of the local sphere

It’s been one week since the government announced a state of alarm, and citizens and organisations are still struggling to adapt to these exceptional circumstances. We are all writing a line in the Story of managing this global pandemic, the first of the 21st century. Every citizen plays their part in this situation: health professionals, … Leer más

Tripping twice (or a thousand times) on the same stone

I have spoken several times on this blog about waiting lists, and this time I want to start with public recognition of the transparency exercise undertaken by the Generalitat. Even when the data isn’t good, there is no doubt that transparency is essential in a mature society that aspires to progress. Unlike many, I like … Leer más

A university, an orchestra and a hospital

Alberto de Rosa en ¿Qué me pasa Doctor?

An estimator from Harvard was asked: what is the most difficult thing to organise? To which he replied: there are three things that are very difficult to organise: a university, an orchestra and a hospital. The interview with Dr. Bartolome Beltrán, which took place last week on La Sexta Television, began with this visual anecdote about the main characteristic they share, all of them being multidisciplinary.

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We have made the news in the MIT Technology Review

The Spanish edition of the prestigious magazine, MIT Technology Review, created under the umbrella of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, contacted me recently for an interview. I was delighted about the call from the oldest technology magazine in the world.

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Shared Objectives

As an exercise in transparency, the council have recently published the latest opinion poll. This is a barometer which the Government carry out annually which collects data of great interest in order to understand the concerns of the Valencian people. In this new gauge of the Valencian society, health has climbed to second position, becoming one of the main worries for citizens, according to the 2,016 people of whom completed the survey.

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Consensus to move forward together

Good news for the professionals of the Ribera Salud group. Recently, the second Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Health Department of Torrevieja was unanimously signed with all union representatives; and yesterday also saw unanimous closure of the fourth Collective Bargaining Agreement for professionals of La Ribera Health Department. Both agreements provide a unique framework of security and stability in labour relations which will undoubtedly benefit our professionals and the public health system. This also places us at the forefront of people management within the sector, as the agreements respond to the major commitment of our group for collective bargaining agreements that encompass the particularities of our innovative management model.

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Las reflexiones de Jeremy Hunt

Hoy me gustaría compartir mi espacio de opinión con el Secretario de Estado para la Salud de Reino Unido, Jeremy Hunt, quien recientemente, en una jornada en Londres, ha hablado sobre la colaboración público privada en  el sector sanitario poniendo como ejemplo práctico y ejemplo de éxito el modelo desarrollado por Ribera Salud. A continuación, puedes leer las referencias que hizo en su discurso a nuestro modelo de gestión:

“With smart metrics we can also be less prescriptive about models of care, allowing more space for local ingenuity and innovation. We need to move further and faster towards Valencia-style population-level commissioning with accountable care organisations or integrated care provision planned in Greater Manchester with DevoManc.

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