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What’s easier: implementing health reforms or climbing Mount Everest?

3 septiembre, 2018 • By

Health systems around the world must face major global challenges like an aging population, chronic diseases, the evolution of technology, and the introduction of new medicines. While it is true that we are still in the beginning stages of defining a strategy to address these challenges, many countries are fortunately already working ‘side by side’, participating in reforms as a way to tackle these issues with an innovative and disruptive approach.

Alberto de Rosa en ¿Qué me pasa Doctor?

A university, an orchestra and a hospital

26 julio, 2018 • By

An estimator from Harvard was asked: what is the most difficult thing to organise? To which he replied: there are three things that are very difficult to organise: a university, an orchestra and a hospital. The interview with Dr. Bartolome Beltrán, which took place last week on La Sexta Television, began with this visual anecdote about the main characteristic they share, all of them being multidisciplinary.READ MORE


The report that is becoming topical once again

13 julio, 2018 • By

I recently read that in 2022, however incredible it may seem, we will be given more fake news than true. In fact, various media outlets and even Twitter and Facebook are working on how to solve this problem and ensure that the quality of journalistic information is the fundamental pillar of a mature, democratic society.READ MORE


Heroes and heroines

21 junio, 2018 • By

This morning we celebrated the eighth anniversary of Hospital Universitario del Vinalopó (Elche, Alicante) with an awards ceremony for “The Health Advocate Awards 2018”, an honor that is bestowed every year by the health centre to professionals, institutions and entities in recognition of what they have done with regards to health. READ MORE