Tripping twice (or a thousand times) on the same stone

I have spoken several times on this blog about waiting lists, and this time I want to start with public recognition of the transparency exercise undertaken by the Generalitat. Even when the data isn’t good, there is no doubt that transparency is essential in a mature society that aspires to progress. Unlike many, I like … Leer más

Collective briefing sessions

I look in amazement at the strange ‘collective briefing sessions’ initiative that has recently been put into place in the Valencian public healthcare system. It seems like the aim is to cut waiting lists, a great and unfair weakness in the traditional public healthcare system, by combining briefing sessions with ‘pre-anesthesia consultations’ for a large number of patients, in a simultaneous and collective way.

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Sustainability of healthcare systems is a cause for concern to the OECD

For readers of this blog, it will come as no surprise that I echo the findings of international reports which raise concerns about sustainability problems which our healthcare systems will have to face in the future. This time it is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which has produced a report detailing its concerns for the coming decades «unless governments manage to contain costs» and undertake serious reforms.

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