A new opportunity

We have been talking about this for many years. The post-COVID-19 reality means that it is now more necessary than ever to undergo reformations in the Health sector that will allow the system to be more flexible and provide it with the tools necessary to face health care crisis such as that we have just … Leer más

The value of the local sphere

It’s been one week since the government announced a state of alarm, and citizens and organisations are still struggling to adapt to these exceptional circumstances. We are all writing a line in the Story of managing this global pandemic, the first of the 21st century. Every citizen plays their part in this situation: health professionals, … Leer más

Tripping twice (or a thousand times) on the same stone

I have spoken several times on this blog about waiting lists, and this time I want to start with public recognition of the transparency exercise undertaken by the Generalitat. Even when the data isn’t good, there is no doubt that transparency is essential in a mature society that aspires to progress. Unlike many, I like … Leer más

The story of Alzira in two speeches

It´s been a month since the Valencian government took over the management of La Ribera Health Department. After almost 20 years of private management, on 1st April, La Ribera began a new stage of direct public management. There are many conclusions to be made about the whole situation, which I will discuss in future blog entries.

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How much longer do I have to wait?

The latest regional data collected by the Government shows that surgery waiting times have increased again within the Spanish National Health Service (SNS) and, once again, I am regret to see that the SNS surgery waiting list has again become catastrophic.

According to the latest figures published last week by the Ministry of Health, the average waiting time to undergo surgery within the SNS has reached 115 days compared to 83 days just six months ago. If we compare this among autonomous communities, the differences between some communities and others are huge, ranging from 182 days in the Canary Islands and 173 in Catalonia, to 115 in the Valencian Community, 50 days in the Basque Country, 49 in La Rioja, and 33 and 39 in Melilla and Ceuta, respectively.

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Let there be light!

hágase la luz

I have always insisted that the more private partnership there is, the greater the public control required. For years we have been demanding an observatory on public-private partnership to evaluate and transmit to society the value generated by this management model, similar to what happens in other countries of our beloved European Union. Very often prejudices -which are exactly that, ‘pre-judging’-, are imposed on data; personal opinions on facts and the emphatic ‘just because’ statement on numbers and documents.

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New year, new healthcare

2015 was a turning point in the history of Ribera Salud. We have strengthened our presence in the Valencian Community by becoming the majority shareholder at the Health Departments of Alzira, Torrevieja and Vinalopó. Through these deals, our group has consolidated its leading position in the concessions sector.

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From Alzira to Boston

On November 3 I had one of the most exciting professional experiences of my long career. I had the honor and privilege to sit in an MBA Class at the University of Harvard in Boston (Massachusetts), where our management model at the University Hospital of La Ribera was presented as a business case study.

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From Canada

Imagine a country with a decentralized health system. Imagine a country where 40% of the regional government’s budget is dedicated to health expenditure. Imagine a country where health expenditure growth exceeds the GDP over the last 15 years. Imagine a country where the public debt of the regions is the highest in the world. After reading this paragraph you’re probably thinking that this country is Spain, but no, this country is Canadá.

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