From Alzira to Boston

On November 3 I had one of the most exciting professional experiences of my long career. I had the honor and privilege to sit in an MBA Class at the University of Harvard in Boston (Massachusetts), where our management model at the University Hospital of La Ribera was presented as a business case study.

It was an extraordinary experience. The case itself, written by Professor Regina E. Herzlinger and taught by Professor Kevin Alan Schulman is very high in quality from both a scientific and pedagogical perspective. Hopefully many students will be able to learn from it!

In my blog I want to thank Harvard Business School once again for receiving me so warmly and for choosing Ribera Salud for the Case Method, a teaching methodology using a case study that the school pioneered and that is now used in the best business schools around the world.

I admit that I learned a lot about us as a project. And I recognize that it struck me greatly to listen, as I sat anonymously at a desk, to their portrayal of Ribera Salud. At the end of the session, and to my surprise, Professor Schulman invited me to present my views on the discussion to the 90 or so students and faculty experts from more than 20 countries, to whom he gave the opportunity to ask me any questions about our project. I enjoyed it very much. They asked me questions and made observations of the highest level. I’m sure these classrooms will produce the global leaders of the future, as they have the present and past presidents of the United States in Obama and Bush.

Just to think that for 30 minutes I acted as a teacher in the most prestigious academic institution in the world, made me think about the importance and value of the work all of us who are part of the Ribera Salud model do, when it comes to contributing ideas and debates on the future of healthcare.

Thank you very much to Harvard Business School and to professors Schulman and Herzlinger. Thanks to all the students for the discussion, for the interesting questions and deep reflections on the healthcare model developed by our group. And thanks especially to the thousands of professionals who have converted a small experience, which began in a small (but very beautiful) city, in a small country (but with a great past and a great future) in to a large health model that is already a benchmark in many corners around the world.

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