A new opportunity

We have been talking about this for many years. The post-COVID-19 reality means that it is now more necessary than ever to undergo reformations in the Health sector that will allow the system to be more flexible and provide it with the tools necessary to face health care crisis such as that we have just … Leer más

The story of Alzira in two speeches

It´s been a month since the Valencian government took over the management of La Ribera Health Department. After almost 20 years of private management, on 1st April, La Ribera began a new stage of direct public management. There are many conclusions to be made about the whole situation, which I will discuss in future blog entries.

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Let there be light!

hágase la luz

I have always insisted that the more private partnership there is, the greater the public control required. For years we have been demanding an observatory on public-private partnership to evaluate and transmit to society the value generated by this management model, similar to what happens in other countries of our beloved European Union. Very often prejudices -which are exactly that, ‘pre-judging’-, are imposed on data; personal opinions on facts and the emphatic ‘just because’ statement on numbers and documents.

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A project for the future at the service of people

Five years have passed since the people of Elche saw an historic dream come true with the opening of the city’s second hospital. And five years is long enough to be able to draw some conclusions about the launch of what has been the most important health project in the province of Alicante in recent years which, frankly, I think will continue to be so for years to come.

A project that became a reality as the result of the collaboration of the private sector with the public administration, a partnership which enabled the hospital to be built within established timeframes, for example, fulfilling the commitment to citizens. A project that has created jobs and stable employment in Valencia in what is likely the most difficult economic environment in our country’s recent history.

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