Let there be light!

I have always insisted that the more private partnership there is, the greater the public control required. For years we have been demanding an observatory on public-private partnership to evaluate and transmit to society the value generated by this management model, similar to what happens in other countries of our beloved European Union. Very often prejudices -which are exactly that, ‘pre-judging’-, are imposed on data; personal opinions on facts and the emphatic ‘just because’ statement on numbers and documents.

By way of a priority we need to analyse and compare the different existing health models in our National Health System; with reports that generate public information that is accessible to the entire population and which contribute, with new approaches, to sustainability and improving the quality of healthcare. Barely two months ago, the ministers of Sustainable Economy and Transparency of the Generalitat Valenciana met with entrepreneurs and they said yes to their proposal to create a partnership observatory of between the Government and private firms.

It seems that those who have always demanded transparency and accountability to society are beginning to congratulate themselves, because this issue is not only concerning from a local standpoint, rather it is an issue that is also beginning to attract attention from the national scope. Thus, the acting finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, has recently introduced the creation of an office to “examine the efficiency and value of public-private partnership, especially in health”.

In this blog I have spent years calling for the implementation of this initiative. From all of the organizations and associations to which we belong (PPP Forum, Valencia Business Confederation (CEV), CEOE, etc.) we have always asked for this and -at last!- they will shortly take the initial steps so that we can see it. I’m happy about this.

With this measure, Spain begins to draw closer to the most advanced and democratic countries of the European Union, whilst moving away from some corners of the world to which certain enlightened persons have tried to take all Spaniards and where, I’m quite sure, they would be more comfortable.

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