New lifeblood for Valencian Health Care

For another year, Ribera Salud has been working together with the Valencia Collegiate of Physicians Foundation to reward the best score on the 2016 Resident Internal Medical (MIR) exam and award grants for the European exams. In this year´s edition, the winners are Dr. Javier Pitarch, Dr. Guillermo Hernandez and Dr. Maria Pacheco.

Coinciding with this ceremony, the Valencia Collegiate of Physicians turned out in its finest to welcome 320 new members. Sharing with their president, Dr. Mercedes Hurtado, the news of the arrival of this new lifeblood to hospitals is very good and comforting. Our lives will be in their hands just around the corner, believe me. This is a splendid investment for the future which needs to be taken care of to get the best professionals after six years. These are the words that I addressed to them:

Good evening, president and friends of the Collegiate of Physicians, colleagues in the profession, and congratulations Guillermo, Maria and Javier for your excellent work. The best new doctors in Valencia now have new names amongst them. Congratulations!

When the Valencia Collegiate of Physicians proposed to us several years ago to sponsor this initiative, we immediately accepted their offer. The philosophy of our group and one of the pillars of our management model is to reward those who work harder and better; rewarding the value contribution of each professional. So tonight we are here because we want to reward effort that brings achievement.

Customized training is a strong point in our management model, as is our big commitment to innovation and the availability of technological resources that allows us to carry out world-class research.

More than 650 specialists have already chosen our centres for their training and being designated as a UNIVERSITY was a very important milestone in our history, as has been the fact that we are a benchmark in many fields of science.

We live in a time where some give precedence to egalitarianism as opposed to promoting the pursuit of excellence, in a time where it seems that what is sought is mediocrity as opposed to meritocracy, which the foundation of the most advanced societies, and we must fight against this.

A journalist just asked me what I would be recommending to you, and this is my advice: remember that, beyond the importance of technology in medicine, the most important thing is for you to be human and close to your patients.

At Ribera Salud we will always work with the best because our general public deserves cutting-edge health services, with care that is up to the twenty-first century standards, without being anchored in old axioms of the twentieth century. Thank you very much and congratulations to Guillermo, Maria and Javier for your well deserved recognition.

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