A university, an orchestra and a hospital

An estimator from Harvard was asked: what is the most difficult thing to organise? To which he replied: there are three things that are very difficult to organise: a university, an orchestra and a hospital. The interview with Dr. Bartolome Beltrán, which took place last week on La Sexta Television, began with this visual anecdote about the main characteristic they share, all of them being multidisciplinary.

Using this personal, virtual space, I´d like to send my greetings and give thanks to the first TV doctor – as he is commonly known – for thinking about us and I´d also like to take advantage of this moment to congratulate the whole team of journalists and graphic reporters that are also involved in each of his programmes. They do an amazing job.

The truth is that I was very comfortable responding to all the questions. I felt at home – all the while being surrounded by suffocating lights and several intimidating cameras – but it wasn´t strange feeling so comfortable because I was conscious of the fact that, in front of me, I had a professional in healthcare information with a lot of experience and a great reputation.

I´m very grateful that Dr. Bartolomé Beltrán wanted to dedicate a part of his programme “What´s wrong with me, Doctor” to highlight the work carried out by all Ribera Salud professionals, both inside and outside the Valencian Community. On the other hand, I really appreciate the great knowledge he demonstrated regarding the foundation on which public private collaboration in health is based on and, more specifically, the fact that he explained the key characteristics or keys of our company´s management model clearly: a modern, clinical management, advanced information systems and a large team of professionals.

The fact that a professional with the experience and background of Dr. Beltrán wanted to put us on the map is something to be proud of; and even more so when we are aware of the false information that is found in the majority of criticism we receive.

When speaking of professionals and professionalism, of course, I don´t want to finish this blog entry without recognising the good work of Doctor Eduardo Cazorla and Doctor José Albors, as well as nursing directors, Carmen Gil and Pepa Soriano, all of whom are from the Vinalopó and Torrevieja health departments. Their participation in the programme was very enlightening and highlighted the fact that flexibility of the private sector, without a doubt, contributes to giving a better public service of excellent quality.

With my presentation on La Sexta – you can see the complete interview here – I bid farewell until September. Until after the holidays.

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