Let’s build from a place of unity

When we celebrated the start of a new decade a little over three months ago, no one could have imagined that the 21st-century’s first pandemic was knocking on the door. It was a moment when we all wished each other health and happiness for the coming year. Health, what a beautiful word. Today we’re fighting … Leer más

We all create the future together

The future belongs to the brave. Ronald Reagan said this phrase, so frequently repeated by coaching experts, to the North Americans after the Challenger tragedy in 1986. His message was clear: We can never give up, we must always be looking forwards, work hard, get up after every fall, keep moving and never stay still. … Leer más

El futuro lo creamos entre todos

El futuro es de los valientes. Esta frase, tan repetida desde hace unos años por expertos en coaching, se la dijo Ronald Reagan a los norteamericanos tras la tragedia del Challenger en 1986. Su mensaje era claro: No hay que rendirse nunca, hay que mirar  siempre hacia delante, trabajar duro, levantarse después de cada tropiezo, … Leer más