We all create the future together

The future belongs to the brave. Ronald Reagan said this phrase, so frequently repeated by coaching experts, to the North Americans after the Challenger tragedy in 1986. His message was clear: We can never give up, we must always be looking forwards, work hard, get up after every fall, keep moving and never stay still. It is difficult, but of course, if you have help, it is easier.

This help is the great value contributed to society by Lanzadera and, if you allow me, the companies that form part of its Corporate program, in order to boost innovative projects in various sectors: from health to aerospace engineering, including nutrition and logistics. Ribera Salud has already started two work with two teams of young entrepreneurs who have been selected from among the Lanzadera experts and our technology subsidiary, Futurs, for their initiatives to revolutionise and improve healthcare for citizens. This is based on an app, Serenmind, to facilitate self-guided psychological treatment, with monitoring by a professional for all citizens; and a platform, HumanItCare, to gather, organise and analyse the information of people with chronic diseases in order to improve their quality of life and their health results.

When we were invited to participate in the Corporate program by Lanzadera, we immediately noticed that their philosophy perfectly fit in with the mission, vision and values of Ribera Salud. We have a responsibility to the society that we serve. The possibility of participating in the selection of innovative projects in the health sector and of helping the creators to develop them in our hospitals allows us, once again, to stay one step ahead of society’s needs, which are always changing and increasingly demanding.

At the same time, this has allowed us to directly interact with an eco-system around innovation and entrepreneurship that the businessman Juan Roig has highlighted, once again giving a first-hand example of the importance of bravery in the business world and in life. And we have found so many brave people throughout the difficult process of choosing between the dozens of projects presented, just in the health sector! From here, I would like to congratulate all of you and encourage you to keep working hard to meet your goals.

For Ribera Salud, without a doubt, this experience has been an incentive to grow better every day and to offer maximum quality healthcare. We are proud to participate alongside great companies such as Airbus, Mercadona and Facsa in a project for business support for young entrepreneurs that will help them to develop their projects here, in Spain. We are all firmly focused on boosting, attracting and retaining talent in our country in order to offer the best service for our citizens. With this support for innovative initiatives, we give back to society part of the trust that we have received from it. We are connected by one single goal: to help to build a better future for the society we serve.

The various public administrations ought to observe Lanzadera as an example to be followed, as well as the firm focus of Juan Roig to consolidate a genuine entrepreneurial “hub” in the city of Valencia, the province of Valencia and all over Spain, starting with the creation of the EDEM University, continuing with the Lanzadera projects and culminating with Angels Capital, the society used to invest in these entrepreneurial leaders. So, yes. The companies participating in the Corporate program by Lanzadera are also contributing our grain of sand so that new entrepreneurial initiatives can come to light and be successful, because they contribute towards improving our activity while always providing better results for our citizens.

At Ribera Salud, good health results alone are not enough, given that nowadays we are working with very high standards and models, always aiming to improve healthcare for our citizens. Professionalism, integrity, passion, innovation and responsible and sustainable health management are in our DNA, based on the 5 P’s that we apply to the medicine that we practice: preventive, predictive, personalised, participative and population-based.

The future is now and we are building it with hard work, effort and passion.

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