BIC Awards, rewarding health service excellence for ten years

Once again we have reason to celebrate at Ribera Salud. Once again, the outstanding daily work carried out by our professional staff has been publicly recognised by one of the most important healthcare awards in Spain, the Best in Class Awards. These awards, -organised by the Rey Juan Carlos University Chair of Innovation and Health Management, Medical Gazette and the Wecare-u Group publication- are judged by an elite panel made up of five regional government representatives and thirteen presidents of relevant scientific societies as well as other leaders in the healthcare sector.

Well, in this tenth edition, the La Ribera University Hospital has won ‘Best Hospital’, and Torrevieja University Hospital has been awarded the prize for ‘Best Internal Medicine Service’.

I am proud to belong to an organization that is committed to being transparent and measuring itself against other organisations, in other words, committed to excellence; I am proud to belong to an organisation that is aware that its most important objective is to provide the best services to its public.

I would like to use this post to congratulate all the organisations which have been recognised with prizes at these awards, as well as all the other nominees; in total, there were 736 nominations from 133 different hospitals.

It is very important that we all work together to make our public health service greater. We must take advantage of these awards and these meetings (over 500 professionals attended the Regional Government of Madrid Headquarters) to disseminate and spread best practice as the core principle of what makes up our public health service.

I also want to thank the members of the award panel and especially the Vicesecretary of the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana, Dr. D. Ricardo Campos. We make up part of the Valencian public health service and, for us, it was a great honour that the Vicesecretary made the journey to Madrid, in order to present us with the award. Furthermore we celebrated the quality and excellence of healthcare in the public hospitals of the Valencian Community, the region which won the second highest number of awards.

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