Welcome Povisa Ribera Salud focuses on local projects with global strategies

I haven’t written any entries for the blog since September because I wanted the first entry this year to be about the incorporation of Povisa to the Ribera Salud group. Finally, it is now a reality.


I have been personally following the project of this great Vigo hospital since 1990. It was probably one of the first hospital names that I heard when I joined the health sector almost 30 years ago. Historically, it has been a hospital with great professionals, cutting-edge with regards to the digitalisation of clinical records and with values and quality standards for patient care that for a long time supported it as a reference in Galician and Spanish healthcare.


It was also a pioneer when it attempted to create a public-private collaboration model with capitation financing, a project that was never undertaken but was known as Vigo 92. Therefore, the Povisa model has many similarities with the experience that Ribera Salud has developed in the Community of Valencia and the Community of Madrid in the last 20 years.


Thus, on both a personal and professional level, I believe that the integration of Povisa to the Ribera Salud group is a great opportunity to bring together premium experience, knowledge and teams of professionals, while facing the challenges of the Spanish health system with greater solidity and solvency. I want to clearly state that we have come to Vigo with the desire to join resources, and we are going to need the experience of the great human team that I have had the opportunity to get to know in recent months and that has worked very hard for this hospital. This is our main commitment.


Like I have always said on this blog, the future of Healthcare involves the configuration of large groups of healthcare professionals without losing the uniqueness and local basis of each of the projects: society, culture and habits are different in Vigo, Valencia, Alicante and Slovakia. Healthcare has a very important local component and to us, it is essential to maintain this local rooting.


At Ribera Salud, we focus on local projects with global strategies. The uniqueness of each project enriches our vision as a group and helps us to strongly face the challenges of Healthcare that we encounter as a society: The focus on technology, innovation and investigation, the creation of online assistance models, the application of predictive models and personalised and quality treatment are the future of Healthcare.


We cannot forget that we have the obligation to guarantee the sustainability of the health system, being efficient and effective, providing incentives for healthcare professionals, attracting and retaining talent and offering the best attention to citizens.


Ribera Salud is a company that is committed to society, that has been working for 22 years to improve the health and well-being of the citizens of the Community of Valencia, Madrid and Galicia, within Spain, but also with an international perspective, given our firm focus on Central Europe, among other regions. We have a responsible management model that contributes towards the stability of the healthcare system and guarantees quick and high quality care, supported by official organisations such as the Court of Auditors of the Community of Valencia.


I’m sure that we will all learn from each other. A new era is beginning at Ribera Salud. Welcome, Povisa.


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