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Health, a sector on the waiting list

6 mayo, 2016 • By

I have recently read some articles that pretty much sum up the worrying situation of the Spanish public health finances and how this has affected the huge increase in waiting lists. In other words, costs are on the rise and healthcare figures are simultaneously deteriorating. Greater expenditure and a degenerated service.



In a normal country

1 abril, 2016 • By

Health waiting lists are one of those things that seriously affect the daily lives of the general public. Recently the Ministry of Health presented the figures on surgical waiting lists, which came to 57,898 people, with the average delay running to 120 days. According to this estimate, Valencians have to wait on average over four months for surgery in public hospitals. Meanwhile, in hospitals under the public-private partnership model, such as the Ribera Salud type of hospitals, the waiting list for surgery is below 40 days.READ MORE