Futurs, the innovation lab by Ribera Salud

They say perfection doesn’t exist. Perhaps. But our obligation at Ribera Salud is to always seek excellence in our patient care and to be ambitious. It’s a real challenge, I know. But right now we avail of a tool that we didn’t have before: technology. That’s Futurs: the revolution of health technology at the service of our citizens.

Society has evolved greatly in recent years, and for that reason, general solutions, the usual options, are no longer applicable. We can’t work like we did 50 years ago, because the needs and demands from the population are different now. Just 40 years ago, we worried about little more than surviving a serious illness, because few people beat cancer, a heart attack or a stroke. Fewer still were able to lead a normal life afterward. All cases were gathered into large groups of illnesses and were treated in the same way, even though their afflictions weren’t the same.

Today, of course, this concern is maintained, but we also aspire to be attended to immediately, to reduce the secondary effects to a minimum, to receive the best pre and post operative care, to have the most comfortable hospital stay possible, to have permanent contact with our health professionals… In short, we want to feel unique, well cared for and to have all of the information at our disposal at any time. We want personalised care. For this reason, the new technology affiliate of Ribera Salud, Futurs, was born with the objective of improving people’s lives, making each patient unique, innovating in the development of tools for healthcare that can be installed on your phone, tablet or computer.

To aspire to perfection in a world that is constantly changing is complicated. But today, thanks to our technology department, we can personalise the health profile of each citizen so that using their mobile they can request an appointment, consult the results of their tests and the professional’s assessment, as well as continue exhaustive control in the case of chronic illnesses such as people with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Also, we can implement our assistance model based on the 5 P’s, i.e., medicine that is personalised, predictive, preventive, populational and participative.

This technological revolution for Health is just getting started. For this reason, Futurs is the present, but it is also the future. This is the reality of apps today and the innovation for tomorrow lab that Ribera Salud has launched in order to stay ahead of what the patient needs, of what the citizen requests so that they feel they are receiving the best care. This is our aim.

With Futurs, we seek excellence in care and efficiency in management. We face the challenge of predicting illness and offering a quick diagnosis. Creating to enrich. Renovating to help society prosper. We want to apply the knowledge developed by our professionals over 20 years in order to continue to implement the best practices for all.

Through Real World Data, Futurs is capable of obtaining information on the population’s health results and using it to improve and innovate in treatments, based on predictive models that use algorithms. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” This quote is by Lord Kelvin, a British physicist and mathematician from the 19th century, and today this is one of the basic principles of management.

At Futurs, we have a staff of almost 100 “disciples” of this British genius, who was very advanced for his time. Mathematicians, computer engineers, ethical hackers and cloud architects are the professional profiles of those who create these tools that facilitate life for our patients and work for our health professionals.

Today, we are facing global challenges that must be approached from a triple vision: the search for excellent universal healthcare that is sustainable and fearlessly focuses on technology, as support for humanistic, approachable, individual and unique care.

Therefore, at Ribera Salud, we are making progress. We don’t look backward and believe that change is an opportunity for improvement and learning, always at the service of citizens. Futurs, like I said, is our innovation lab. A daring and brave innovation, a knowledge centre that adapts to the needs of our patients in order to guarantee, as we grow, that the best technology and best quality controls will be available to citizens.

 “If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself.” (Socrates)

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