Modelo Alzira International Presence

I always defend that the Alzira Model has a particular significance which goes beyond our frontiers.

In this current situation, there’s a need of exploring new healthcare management strategies all over the world. However, in Spain a Model has been developed already, a Model with successful results achieved after 13 years of experience and a responsibility of nearly 2 millions of people. I’m sure the model will expand in coming future.

It’s usual, and it’s also a privilege for me, to be invited to attend and participate in different forums, summits, debates and conferences to explain the Alzira Model. But I find remarkable that, from October 2011 to date, We’ve been invited to take part in these international meetings:

– October 2011. Washington. World Bank and Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) presentations.

– April 2012. Berlin. Hospital Build Europe 2012. International Trade Fair and Congresses for the Construction, Operation and Equipment of Hospitals.

– May 2012. London. International Integrated Care Summit.

– May 2012. Amsterdam. Annual World Health Care Congress Europe.

– May 2012. Prague. Innovative Solutions in Hospital Management.

– June 2012. Montreal. Foro Económico de las Américas. A Global Economy in transition: new strategies, new Partnership.

– June 2012. Manchester. Conference National Health Service UK.

– October 2012. South Korea. Korea Healthcare Congress

It’s obvious the growing interest the Alzira Model is arousing, and it’s been analyzed and studied by different institutions, public and private organizations, and definitely, by all those who explore new strategies in 21st century healthcare management.

To all them, welcome to @ModeloAlzira.

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