Welcome Minister Ana Mato

Mrs Ana Mato was named new Minister of Health by our Prime Minister Mr. Rajoy some days ago. In my opinion this is a significant designation.

Ana Mato is a very close collaborator of Mr.Rajoy. She has coordinated the successful election campaign of Popular Party last month of November, as well as the municipal and autonomous regions election campaign in may 2011.

Ana Mato knows what POLITICS is, and knows the difficult situation which is coming near. Negotiation, consensus, responsibility, strength, courage, discipline and leadership will be required. I think Ana Mato meets all these requirements.

Furthermore, she’s forming a good team. I’d like to mention particularly the new General Secretary of Health, Pilar Farjas, ex-Minister of Health in Local government of Galicia Region.

She’s an expert at health management. During his term of office, she took important decisions, some of them caused deep controversy. But she’s courageous, and she has brought up new policies which I’m sure they will be followed by other regions, and from the Healt Department now, by the rest of Spain.

From Ribera Salud, we show our support and institutional loyalty to the new Minister and her team.

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