Measures in Castilla La Mancha

It’s time for reforms. It’s time for audacity.

The Local Government of Castilla La Mancha Region, has presented the proposal of transferring the existing public hospitals management, to the private sector. In my opinion, it’s good news, and this proposal will mark the future lines of spanish health care.

Our health care model has a management problem, and I’m sure the hospitals of Tomelloso, Almansa, Manzanares y Villarrobledo, have their viability guaranteed, as well as their development under the public-private collaboration model.

I’m confident this initiative will be a success, and to do so, private sector must show it’s ready to accept these challenges such as loyal collaboration and long term strategy, that the public Health Care Administration is requiring and will require.

As a mentioned in my blog some months ago, this term will not be remembered for building new infrastructures, but for going deeply into our health system management. I think this Initiative is going to be the first one of many other which will come next.

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