“Leader of the Year”

Some weeks ago, “DIRIGENTES” Magazine announced I was awarded the “Dirigente del año” Award. The Magazine, furthermore, asked me to make a speech on behalf of the prizewinners during the IV Business Excellence Valencia Region Awards Ceremony.

First thing I thought was “no man is a prophet in one’s own land”, and then I thought it was amazing to receive a prize at home, with your people and on behalf of Ribera Salud family.

The jury showed his interest in the Alzira model development and the public-private partnership, a sector where the citizen treatment is the secret for success. In my opinion, the reasons to award Ribera Salud were very appropriate, because Ribera Salud has always believed in people we serve to, as we are a public service. People are the most important value in our Organization.

The fact that the award was focused on me as “Dirigente del Año” (“Leader of the Year”) really impressed me. Someone has to represent the Project, but for me, this Project is the personification of hard efforts made within the model and the Organization. That’s why I’d like to dedicate this prize to each member of the Project of Ribera Salud, more than 7.000 employees. This project has been lately awarded other prizes such as three Top 20 to Hospital de Torrevieja; Technology Award to Hospital de Denia; Dintel Foundation Award and Diario Médico Award for the shared services Project to hospital de Torrevieja, Vinalopó and Torrejón; Innovation Awards 2011 for quality management and CSR to Ribera Salud.

I want to congratulate all the Organization on the magnificent work they all carry out every day. Receiving a prize is always a honor, but for me, it’s more important the feeling of working hard and achieving objectives.

My speech in the Awards Ceremony was focused on the enterpreneurs and the business sector, the main figures to lead Spain out of this crisis. Let’s join efforts to achieve this important objective.


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