Hospital del Vinalopó inaugurates the Nuclear Medicine Service

Last August 13th, the President of the Local Government of Valencia Region inaugurated the Nuclear Medicine Service and the high technology equipment PET-TAC, at the Hospital del Vinalopó, the first public hospital in Alicante provided with equipment like this.

For me it was a honour that Mr. Alberto Fabra had chosen a hospital under Alzira Model for his first visit in the healthcare sector, showing his sensitivity and support to this sector (one of the cruxes?? of his management), considering he was appointed just 15 days before the visit.

During the visit the President was very interested to know about the hospital operating system, as well as the professional staff, and mentioned in his speech the quality healthcare and excellence he desires for the Valencian healthcare system.

Ribera Salud, as Ramón Navarro, General Manager of the Hospital, mentioned in his intervention, we wish him the best in these new responsabilities, offering our institutional loyalty, public service vocation, and commitment to the citizens.

Valencian employers support Alzira Model

The President of the Local Government of Valencia Region, Mr. Alberto Fabra, is meeting different groups and social agents, in order to elaborate the strategy for the near future.

Last August 17th, the President met Jose Vicente González, President of CIERVAL (Confederation of organizations and companies in Valencia Region) and Jose Vicente Morata, President of the Chamber of Commerce Council. Both explained their ideas to face up to the economic crisis, mentioning particularly Ribera Salud and Alzira Model when they referred to the improvment of public service management.

I’m very grateful for that mention, and for the courage of these two important figures to acknowledge something which is obvious in many people’s minds, even though not everybody declares it publicly, which is the Public-Private-Partnership is the line to follow.

We’re living a key situation in the economic crisis that Spain is going through. The budget deficit in Public Administration makes economic growth difficult, and without it, it’s not easy to solve our main problem: unemployment. We’re getting into a vicious circle, and the only way to get out is by applying new policies where everybody plays a particular role. The Public Administration together with the entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector are essential parts in this crusade.

The PPP is an effective alternative and its value has been demonstrated. It is better to be brave and take decisions now, or we’ll regret it in the future.

Vicente Ferrer’s spirit

During the summer holidays, leafing through some documents in my desk, I found the article I wrote a few days after Vicente Ferrer’s death. In this article I talked about my experience when I met him some years ago, when the Hospital de la Ribera in Alzira and Hospital of Bethalapalli
in India, were twined.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet one of the most important figures of XX century, whose work and efforts have contributed to make life easier for millions of people.
His own life is an example of dedication to one’s neighbour.

In my opinion, he is a symbol of the values we should all adopt in our private life as well as in our professional life, and specially those companies which provide such an essential and important public service as healthcare.

I’m proud of all the organizations which Ribera Salud takes part in, because this feeling of solidarity is growing day by day thanks to the 0.7 Committee, that Dr. Pilar Luna set up in the Hospital de la Ribera. This feeling has been implemented little by little, and a few days ago we read in the media about the agreement between Dr. Cavadas and the Hospital de Manises to operate on African people, for example.

That’s what I call “the Vicente Ferrer spirit”, one of the most universal Valencian figures.

Concerns about the management, not about the manager

I’ve been reading the last interview in the magazine Diario Medico about Ramón Navarro, General Manager of Hospital del Vinalopó, where he evaluates the first year into operation of the most recent Alzira Model Hospital in Valencia Region. The Hospital del Vinalopó is achieving objectives, as its activity figures and healthcare quality index show. The Hospital strategy is providing a quality healthcare focused on the citizen, because, as Ramón Navarromentioned “what concerns the citizen is the management, not the manager”

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