Alzira Model in Washington

The World Bank and the Interamerican Bank for Development (BID) have invited me to participate in different workshops to present the results of the Alzira Model. That means that I’ll be in Washington next week.

The presentation in World Bank will be broadcasted on line to all the healthcare experts of this institution all over the world, who act as consultants to the governments in matters related to public health. The conclusions will be available in the corporate intranet. One of the objectives and priorities of the World Bank for 2010-2012, is the support to health sector as a strategic sector for development, particularly the PPPs (Public-Private-Partnership).

As I mention quite often, the Alzira Model is lately arousing this growing interest because it’san alternative for the sustainability of the public national health system, preserving the quality level that makes our healthcare model as one of the best in the world. After 13 years ALzira Model has proved that the innovative formula of PPP is viable, combining the power of public system with the efficiency and flexibility of private sector.

The President of the Valencia Region Governement, Mr. Alberto Fabra, was visiting the Hospital de La Ribera last Monday. He mentioned the Alzira Model brings a saving of 30% for the Administration, against the hospitals with a direct management. But the most important thing is the high satisfaction rate that our patients show in periodical surveys. That is why the Model is being studied and analyzed by public and private institutions from all over the world.

The Interamerican Bank for Development is considering the effects of implementing the model in countries as Chile, Perú, Brazil, Panamá or Colombia, where the Bank give funds to different healthcare projects. I promise a summary of the workshops and meetings as soon as I get back.

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