The report that is becoming topical once again

I recently read that in 2022, however incredible it may seem, we will be given more fake news than true. In fact, various media outlets and even Twitter and Facebook are working on how to solve this problem and ensure that the quality of journalistic information is the fundamental pillar of a mature, democratic society.

I was thinking about this when I read the following headline in one of Libertad Digital´s reputable publications signed by a prestigious journalist, Domingo Soriano: “The report that Montón didn´t want to know anything about: private management of Valencian hospitals, better and cheaper”.

The article refers to the report published by the Court of Auditors more than a year ago. It is a document of great value carried out by the Valencian government´s public auditor, to whom the government itself gave the repsonsibility of evaluating the private management of public health.

This report attests to the performance of the concessional model with some drastic conclusions that I would like to reiterate: the level of satisfaction is higher, the time spent on waiting lists is shorter and the real cost per citizen is lower, a saving of around 25%. That is to say, quality care, better health results, at a lower cost.

This isn´t fake news, since you yourself can access the report. What it is, however, is an attempt to not diffuse reports that don´t endorse, but go against sectarian decisions that are taken on behalf of a government. This is a report that they have tried not to show publicly and it gives me great satisfaction that newspapers and reputable journalists read it, explain it and share it. Congratulations for doing that and, as a citizen that wants to be informed and not manipulated, I thank you.

The big enemy of public private collaboration is the lack of transparency, the lack of comparative analysis, the attempt to create confusion between privatisation (fake news) and private management (real news) and the manipulation and repetition of three or four slogans without any scientific, economic or analytical base.

Thank you to Libertad Digital and Domingo Soriano because, after so much time having passed since the Court of Auditors´ report, time and effort has been dedicated to analysing, explaining and circulating a report that some (the intolerant ones) don´t even want to acknowledge exists.

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