Manuel Marín In Memoriam

Manuel Marin Ferrer, former managing director of the Hospital Universitario de La Ribera (Alzira) and its Department of Health, has passed away. When those of us who knew and worked with him learned of this news, we were greatly saddened. Manolo only retired last January when he was able, at last, to enjoy the company of his family, wife, children and grandchildren, of whom he was so proud. Sometimes life is so unfair.

Manolo could say many things, talk for hours, and write pages and pages. But, in this short space that is available to me, I would like to highlight two aspects of his character that I have always admired: he was a self-made man and a very versatile person.

A self made man because he got to the top through sheer effort, having started right at the bottom. He studied nursing whilst working as a porter. Later he studied medicine whilst working as a nurse. We all admired his spirit of sacrifice and improvement. In addition, he was a versatile man: in addition to being a doctor, he was also a manager, teacher and many other things. He always tried to have a positive and enthusiastic approach to life, and he mixed a deep humanism in values that he displayed to all, together with realistic and sensible pragmatism.

The great man that he was, he was not able to please everyone, even though he would try. He left an impression on all, from the humblest to the most powerful. Manolo has left a great void in all those who shared time, doubts, sorrow, joy, hopes, and, ultimately, life with him. But I am sure that you will still accompany us, be our guide and counsellor, wherever you are.

Manolo, your sudden departure has prevented many of us from thanking you for many things. Through these lines I would like to thank you now and tell you that your memory and your example will always accompany the whole big family, your family, at Ribera Salud.

Rest in peace.

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