Esperanza Aguirre, a President concerned about health care

The President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid has resigned due to personal reasons. This unexpected announcement, surprised us all 24 hours ago.

My respect for her, and my admiration for her political work are immense, and I’d like to highlight her human side. I’m not doing this because she has just resigned. In the past I’ve shared on this blog my anecdotes and memories with Esperanza Aguirre.

I want to emphasize her nearness, her humanity, her interest for gaining knowledge around her, breaking protocol in a natural manner, definitely, her personal qualities. Of course the health care sector will miss her very much, for her commitment to health care, an important service for the citizens, but we all will particularly miss her for her personality, the way she is, the way she acts….

Between all the anecdotes lived during her visits to our projects and health care events, I’d like to remember two of them which really impressed me: On the opening day of Hospital de Torrejón, I suggested her to congratulate an employee for his birthday. She not only wished him immediately, but also made the whole delegation sing “happy birthday” for him. The employee will never forget this nice gesture, neither will I. Thanks Esperanza.

The second story I’d like to mention occurred last december, when I was told the President wanted to pay a visit to the Hospital de Torrejón, its patients and employees on Christmas Day. Seeing happily going round the hospital, without any hurries, giving special attention to the patients, joking, sharing chocolate bars with the employees’ children, greeting the staff and thanking them for being there on such an important day, it really amazed me. Even if she held and important position, this did not prevent her from being so close to all of us. On behalf of all of us, thanks Esperanza.

We’ll miss you, President!.

I wish you the best, because you deserve it.

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