MIHealth Forum

Last month, the first edition of MIHealth Forum titled “Innovation as a catalyst for change in health care system ” took place in the Conference Center in Barcelona. A new forum on innovation and management in the healthcare sector.

Before my speech, I could attend the lecture given by Scott S. Young, from Kaiser Permanente about “Kaiser’s experience of success”. I found very interesting the particular approach of this american Group, which has always been an example of innovative management in healthcare, and an outstanding reference worldwide.

My contribution in this Forum was a lecture in the round table “Innovative healthcare design” and I was delighted to share experiences with such distinguished guests as Nick Goodwin, Health Policy from King’s Fund in UK; Anna Rasmuson, Director Strategic Development from Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden; and Helena Ris, from La Unió Catalana de Hospitales in Spain.

Titled “Public-Private Partnership as a base for National Health Service Sustainability” my lecture was mainly focused on two key points that, in my opinion, have been the fundamental pillars of the Alzira Model: healthcare integration and capita financing.

I’d like to congratulate the Conference organization on the innovative and modern debates. In fact, after the speakers participation started a debate at the highest level.

In this crisis situation, it’s important to take part in these forums and realize the required reforms and the reflections about the future of the model are not a fact only in Spain, neither only in this moment.

As a matter of fact, from my point of view, Spain must lead these reforms and design a more flexible and productive model. This will allow us to be a leader for other countries and particularly, for those countries who need to develop new models to provide quality public services to the citizens. I refer in this case, to Latin America.

We’ll keep thinking about these matters.

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