Móstoles, eighth hospital “Alzira Model” in Spain

Madrid Autonomous Region has recently inaugurated the eleventh public hospital built during Esperanza Aguirre`s government period: Móstoles Hospital. During the last ten years, Madrid and Valencia Regions have developed an unprecedented health infrastructure plan in Europe. The incorporation of private initiative has been essential.
New Móstoles Hospital is called King Juan Carlos Hospital, and will be managed by Grupo Capio. This is the third hospital in Madrid and the eighth in Spain that believe in a public-private partnership management model worldwide known as «Alzira Model».
I was visiting the hospital the opening day, and I want to congratulate Madrid Region Government, as well as the Local Minister of Health, and of course Grupo Capio, on the magnificent hospital of Mostoles, equipped with the leading-edge technology, an innovative design, and highly qualified personnel to offer the best healthcare provision. And this is the basis of the model, that’s what we call the «success triangle», which joins clinical management, Human Resources management and IT. All that, at the service of the public healthcare system.

Alzira model is constantly evolving, taking on new challenges and reinventing itself in every new project. But the agents involved, Administration, decision-makers, managers, professional staff and citizens, we all share a very important objective, we all are designing the future healthcare model.
Both Hospitals, Móstoles and Vinalopó, coexist in the same city with another important traditional public hospital. In this sense, Ribera Salud experience in Elche has been extremely satisfying, and also for the citizen, who can make use of a better healthcare provision.
The model is 13 years old already, and it’s in a very good shape, maybe it needs a checkup, or a particular treatment to make it live longer so healthy. But there’s no doubt, the Alzira Model is a guarantee for our public healthcare service sustainability.


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