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I want a country of ‘Amancios Ortegas’

23 mayo, 2019 • By

The strategies and ways of those who manage Spanish social politics and healthcare have hardly changed in the last few decades but our society certainly has. And when a structure that is already quite rigid is put under pressure, it can break. With 30 years of experience in health management, I still continue to be surprised by the superficial nature of many politicians when addressing complex issues such as health, the future of our pensions or education. As time passes, we believe we have seen and heard it all, even the most absurd perspectives such as that of the recent one of a political group with regards to the donations of the owner of Inditex, Amancio Ortega. This is an argument that, from my point of view, has completely crossed the line and will be difficult to move past (although, I can´t say with complete certainty).READ MORE

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A year since La Ribera reversal (Chapter 3)

25 abril, 2019 • By

The Health Department of La Ribera (Alzira) began to be publicly managed on 1 April 2018, following the reversal. A year has since passed. In my opinion, more than enough time to draw conclusions about its performance for citizens and professionals alike. Valuations that, as you may have read in my previous two blog entries, are fairly deplorable. However, the champions of this improvised and uncoordinated plan continue to ‘flog’ it as a great (ideological) success, not as a great (management) success, and you don’t have to wade through too many newspapers to see how the Dénia Hospital has also joined the fray. It never rains but it pours.READ MORE


A year since La Ribera reversal (Chapter 2)

10 abril, 2019 • By

“I am very sorry for all those who predicted that Alzira would be a victim of its own success once it rid itself of private management”. Thus began the first part of my blog devoted to the reversal of La Ribera Healthcare Department (Alzira). Today, I press on with the need to publish, analyse and compare the results in health, healthcare and waiting lists in order to generate public information that is accessible to the entire population and to help -with new focal points- towards sustainability and improved quality of healthcare for those living in the Valencia region. Chapter 2 begins.READ MORE

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A year since La Ribera reversal (Chapter 1)

5 abril, 2019 • By

In just one year we have seen that the most controversial decision of the Valencian Regional Government, the return to public management of La Ribera Healthcare Department, is not bearing the fruits anticipated by the major advocates of 100% public health.

The truth is that after 365 days, La Ribera Healthcare Department (Alzira) neither works the same nor better than before; rather the opposite holds true, it is in decline. I am very sorry for all those who predicted that Alzira would be a victim of its own success once it rid itself of private management.READ MORE

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Are the Audit Office reports worth the paper they are printed on?

6 marzo, 2019 • By


Yesterday, the newspaper Valencia Plaza published an in-depth interview with Vicent Cucarella, the President of the Audit Office. An interview that caught my attention and that I read with great interest because of the resounding statement the journalist chose as the title: “We have no objection to submitting ourselves to more checks, but not as a political ‘vendetta’”. Throughout the interview, Cucarella honestly reflects on transparency and accountability. The fact is that the reports, studies and analyses produced by the institution he presides ‘are worth the paper they are printed on’, despite some sectors insisting that they are unfounded, or perhaps they do not respond to their prejudices?